Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Our Narrowboat Wishlist

We have had a new distraction for the last few weeks. We have been perusing numerous boatyard websites and adverts, we have bean learning narrowboat terminology and we have been watching lots of narrowboat youtube videos. This 'research' has lead us to start to formulate an idea of what we would like to have on our own live aboard narrowboat.

Room to work
This boat is going to be our place of work as well as our home and mode of transport, and therefore we are going to need somewhere aboard where we can do this work comfortably. This could be simply in the form of a dinette, but ideally there would be room for office desks and chairs.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Seeds of a New Idea

We have been wrestling with what do do next for months, and talk about our options on a daily basis.  We want to travel, we want to go back to India and Vietnam, we want to go to Nepal and Sri Lanka, and countless other countries  We want to do a road trip across the States in a camper Van, we want to see Blue Whales migrating. We want to find an alternative way to earn a living. We want to create. We want to help. We want to visit Michael's family in Canada, we want to go to England to see my family and start the immigration process for Michael. We want to wake up and see something different every day, or at least every week. And we definitely want to leave Los Angeles. 

Monday, 18 July 2016

The Need for Another Change

It is currently July 2016 and we have been living in Venice, California, for seven months.We want to leave. We came here in December last year ready for a change and a new challenge, after the 9-5 life in Wellington, New Zealand had become too repetitive. Despite the fact that we had only been in New Zealand for 15 months we had found ourselves stuck in rut and were keen to find a new adventure. In our hurry to leave New Zealand, we didn't make the right decision and now we are stuck in a similar, yet sunnier rut here. 

Sunday, 17 July 2016

A Very Brief History

In December 2012 Michael quit his job in Los Angeles and embarked on a world wide trip traveling from East to West. In May 2014 I quit my job in England and started my own round the world trip traveling from West to East. That August we met for the fist time in Phong Nah, Vietnam and spent a couple of hours having a very memorable conversation. A few weeks later we arranged to meet up again and spent 10 days together in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We then both continued on with our journeys as finished our trips as planned.