Sunday, 17 July 2016

A Very Brief History

In December 2012 Michael quit his job in Los Angeles and embarked on a world wide trip traveling from East to West. In May 2014 I quit my job in England and started my own round the world trip traveling from West to East. That August we met for the fist time in Phong Nah, Vietnam and spent a couple of hours having a very memorable conversation. A few weeks later we arranged to meet up again and spent 10 days together in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We then both continued on with our journeys as finished our trips as planned. 

The following March, Michael returned to Los Angeles and then in April, I arrived to visit him, and we have been together ever since. We spent two months in the States, followed by two months in England. A job opportunity for Michael led to 15 months living in Wellington, New Zealand, before a month of traveling in Indonesia and Malaysia in November 2015 on our way to Los Angeles which is where this blog starts. 

For more information on our trips check out our blogs. I also wrote a short book detailing how much my life changed on my trip and in the two years afterwards. 

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