Monday, 18 July 2016

The Need for Another Change

It is currently July 2016 and we have been living in Venice, California, for seven months.We want to leave. We came here in December last year ready for a change and a new challenge, after the 9-5 life in Wellington, New Zealand had become too repetitive. Despite the fact that we had only been in New Zealand for 15 months we had found ourselves stuck in rut and were keen to find a new adventure. In our hurry to leave New Zealand, we didn't make the right decision and now we are stuck in a similar, yet sunnier rut here. 

We have resigned ourselves to the fact that we will be here till the end of the year, saving up enough money to see us through our next move. And for this next move, we need to make a better choice, we don't want to be stuck somewhere else in 12 months time constantly dreaming of where we can go next and struggling to live in the moment.

The ideal situation would be to be able to work and travel, and there is no reason we can't make that a reality. Michael's skill set means that he could work remotely from anywhere in the world. On top of this we want the headspace, freedom and inspiration to be able to explore more creative ideas, gain some new knowledge and even get involved in some humanitarian pursuits.

We know we are lucky, we have lots of options; we could travel again, we could move more slowly, stopping for longer to allow for some work along the way. We could find somewhere to settle abroad, somewhere like India or Vietnam, somewhere where there is a lower cost of living which would give us the freedom to live cheaply and make our savings last longer while we work out an alternative income.

But there is something else niggling at us... Michael is half American and half Canadian and I am British, we do not have a passport in common and so do not share a country that we can both call home. In the short term this is not really a problem but it is something we would rather resolve sooner rather than later.

We think we have pretty much ruled out staying in America. Its true, we wouldn't necessarily have to live in LA while I went through the immigration process, but after seven months here we are really disillusioned and frustrated by so many things (guns, healthcare, Trump, to name a few), America is just not for us long term.

So that leaves Britain or Canada, and both would serve our purposes well. However, either option comes with one issue; living in the same place, with the same view and the same locality to explore, for days and weeks and months on end. Maybe on our year away we were spoilt, but our idea of what is home has changed and the reality of not seeing new places on a regular basis is not what we want.