Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Seeds of a New Idea

We have been wrestling with what do do next for months, and talk about our options on a daily basis.  We want to travel, we want to go back to India and Vietnam, we want to go to Nepal and Sri Lanka, and countless other countries  We want to do a road trip across the States in a camper Van, we want to see Blue Whales migrating. We want to find an alternative way to earn a living. We want to create. We want to help. We want to visit Michael's family in Canada, we want to go to England to see my family and start the immigration process for Michael. We want to wake up and see something different every day, or at least every week. And we definitely want to leave Los Angeles. 

A few weeks ago the seeds of an idea started to grow in our minds, I can't remember where the idea came from or whether it was me or Michael who first mentioned it. I think it may have even have been said as a joke to start with. The more that we think about it, the more we think why not. And while it doesn't fill all our needs it does tick a fair few boxes.

A new view whenever we want it.
The ability to explore England in our home. 
If done right, a cheaper way of life than a conventional home.
Being surrounded by wildlife
No permanent neighbours. 
The ability to meet lots of like minded people.
Experiencing a new way of life.

The commitment to one way of life that we may not like.
The initial purchase price.
Winter in England.
Confined living space.

And so the cons don't seem big enough to stop us. We can try the lifestyle in the form of a holiday before we commit. We have the savings and so would not need a loan to buy our home. We can wear more clothes and huddle by the fire and we lived in a studio flat in New Zealand with no issues so the confined living space should not be a problem. 

The appeal of being able to wake up with a new view whenever we want is the biggest draw. It is something we really missed while living in New Zealand and Los Angeles. Both locations offer lots to see and do, but the fixed abode means that the exploring is restricted to weekends and holidays.