Friday, 2 September 2016

Narrow Boat Wishlist - REVISED

We have 7 months to go before we are ready to go narrowboat shopping and our wishlist is getting out of control. We are going to need to up the budget!

Overall Specifications
Boat Type: Narrow of course
Stern: Probably Semi trad to save space but fit us both, failing that I would say Trad so that we have more room inside or a cruiser to store a motorbike, so yeah, we don't really know!
Bow: Well deck to store some plants in summer and begrudgingly a cratch cover for practicality in winter.
Length: 58'
Cabin Height: 6'3.5" or more so that Michael doesn't bump his head.
Number of Berths: Two
Engine: Michael thinks he would like a Lister Marine
Cooling System: Not raw water, we know that.
Hull: Intact with polyurea coating
Fuel Tank: 500 gallons
Water Tank: 200 gallons, stainless steel
Insulation: Modern and good.
Name: Shanti Shanti
Colour: Blue for me. Dark trim, light panels with gold accents if it is up to Michael.

Hot Water and Heating
Hot Water: Back boiler on Moreso Squirrel plus possibly a Wobasto.
Central Heating: Yes
Stove: Moreso Squirrel

Lighting: LED
Inverter: 3000w Victory
Solar Panels: 2 x 120w semi flexible
Batteries: Lots
Generator: Possibly
Gas: Two bottles with a switchover valve.

Ceiling: White paint or wood
Cabin Sides: White
Hull Sides: White or wood
Floor: Hardwood
Windows: 8 Double glazed port holes that will open for ventilation.
Side Doors: One set on each side in the Salon and Galley so we can feed the ducks of course.
Houdini Hatch: In the Saloon or Kitchen to let the light in and us out in an emergency.

Toilet: Composting Airhead toilet with replacement hardware.
Bath: 1500 Bath with Shower over and door enclosure
Basin: Countertop basin in vanity unit.

Oven and 4 burner hob, possibly a wood burning fancy dancing one.
Fridge: Small with freezer
Larder space: To store our pots and pans and food
Re-claimed wood worktops would be nice or polished concrete
Sink: Belfast Sink

Sofa for two

Room for two desks and comfortable chairs to enable us to work. Wall mounted ultra wide monitors plus mac minis or laptops

Aft Cabin/Laundry Room

Bed: Fixed double memory foam.

Wardrobe: We lead a pretty minimalist lifestyle so can share one small wardrobe or closet as Michael would say.

Doggies: One or two depending on who you ask.

Michael's additional specifications
Bow thruster
Pirate flag
Gang plank
Electric drive
Motorcycle mount
Through hull 4G antenna
Kayak, small canoe or a dingy
Wind turbine
Automatic bird feeding station
Weather station
Auto Pilot
Missile launcher