Thursday, 24 November 2016

One week to go!

One week to go, so far so good and everything is going to plan.

Car purchased for the road trip ✅
Tenant found to take over the lease ✅
Furniture sold ✅
Notice given at work ✅

I know realise that we sold our furniture too early and have had nothing to sit on for the last two weeks. The few possessions that we do own are lined up on the floor in the very empty living room. Luckily our bed is going to a friend on the day we leave so at least we still have some where to sleep.

We are also really busy meeting up with friends that we need to say goodbye to so there have been lots of lovely meals out over the last few weeks.

The most out of the blue thing that has happened to me as we prepare to leave is that I made the decision to have laser eye surgery. It was a little bit of a spur of the moment thing but now I am the other side of the procedure I can honestly say I am pleased that I did it.

Michael had Lasik a number of years ago and has always said it is the best money he has ever spent. Recently he has noticed some changes in his sight and decided he had better get it checked out before he left Los Angeles. This lead to a discussion about whether I had ever considered it. I hadn't seriously. As we got to talking I wondered if I should, I had always been envious of how Michael didn't have to fuss with contacts or glasses, he could just wear sunglasses whenever he wanted. He would just wake up in the morning and see everything. So I went for the consultation and then I was booked in for the very next week.

It was great. I walked along the boardwalk this morning and I could see, I could see all the way down to the water, I could see every footprint in the sand. I could read every sign and, it was a beautiful sunny morning but everything just looked more beautiful.

The procedure it self wasn't fun but it wasn't painful either. Just mildly uncomfortable. The worse thing is the thought of what they are doing to your eye. You know, slicing it open, lifting up a flap and burning it wth a laser. Oh and the smell. No one warned me about how my eye would smell as they burnt it!

So now its full speed ahead. Its thanksgiving weekend, not that we have anything planned. I guess I am just thankful that we have the option the leave this crazy situation, it is comical how many people have asked us if we are leaving because of Trump. The truth is we were leaving anyway, but if we hadn't been planing our exit, we definitely would be now.