Thursday, 3 November 2016

The count down to our Americanexit.

We have actually been counting down the weeks, till we leave LA, since my birthday in July. It is becoming increasingly difficult to not wish the weeks away as we are so fed up with this city. It's not all bad, its just not for us anymore. Too many people, too much traffic and noise and not enough satisfaction at work.

The count down calendar on my fridge tells me that there are just 5 weeks till Michaels contract finishes which means that that we have just over a month to prepare for our departure. Michaels visa application is finaly in and I have sent a bag full of stuff back to England with my parents after their visit last week.

At the top of the to-do list is to try to find someone to take over the lease on our apartment. We have to pay the rent until mid-January unless we can find someone who wants to move in before then. The ad has been up for three days and we have had two interested parties make an appointment for a viewing. Neither has turned up. Not the best start.

The other big thing we need to do is get a car!  When we leave LA, the plan is do do a road trip up to Canada to visit Michaels family, and to hire a car for three weeks would cost us about $3000, and we wouldn't be able to take it across the Canadian border. Plan B, is to buy and old cheap beat up car for much less than that, take it to Canada and then bring it back into the states to sell before we fly out. With out to much effort we Michael has managed to find one from a colleague at work and negotiated  the purchase for $650, it seems to be mechanically sound but must have been used as a bumper car as it is more dent than anything else. Even if we don't get any money back for it, it will have been much cheaper than the hire cost, we will just need to keep our fingers crossed that it will get us there in one piece.

We pretty much need to sell or donate everything in our apartment that wont fit into our backpacks. When we moved in last January the previous tenant left us their old sofa and that has been the first thing to go. One day on Craigslist lead to a couple of guys driving down to pick it up, why is it that every sofa I have ever owned has been a beast to move and seemingly full of lead or bricks. This old three seater had a metal framed pull out bed in it and therefore it weighed a ton. This resulted in the typically comedic half hour discussing whether to take it out the front door or the back door and then the forward and backwards and pivoting to negotiate it down to their van. The fridge ended up being moved and at one stage there was even a discussion about the door being taken of its hinges. I mean it was comedic but also a little stressful, but now it has gone, with not too much damage to the door frames and it feels like we have ticked another item off the to-do list and we are taking small positive steps to getting out of here.

After counting down the last three months, we know the next three weeks are going to fly by and we will be on the move again before we know it.  Aaaaahhh, there is so much to do.