Sunday, 11 December 2016

The Road Trip North - Day 10. Sparks, NV to San Rafael CA via San Francisco

How can it be day 10 already? It is strange, Venice seems like forever ago, yet at the same time the days are flying by. We are nearing the midpoint of the road trip and we have now looped back into California; we have visited 5 other states so far, and now we are back in the state that we started in, and only slightly further north despite how far we have travelled.

The whole time we were living in Venice I missed the rain. I didn’t see a drop of rain between February and October. Today I saw enough rain to last a life time. Visibility on the I-80 was at an all time low as we left Reno and crawled towards San Francisco. There were several occasions when passing trucks sent tidal waves over our little bumper car. It was relentless and didn’t start easing off until we entered the outskirts of San Francisco. We stopped at McDonald’s for the second day in a row so we could add fries to our cheese bagels, and then joined to queue to cross the bay bridge, paying our $5 toll on our way.

A while spent hunting for a parking space on Divisadero Street so we could visit Topo Designs was just enough time for the heavens to open again and so we got thoroughly wet walking the two blocks from the car to the store. A successful shopping trip nonetheless. With the rain still falling, Michael suggested a visit to Fort Point, as we didn’t get to see it when we were here two years ago. Fog had descended low into the bay, and the famous Golden Gate Bridge was barely visible through the cloud. We enjoyed exploring the Fort and watching the surfers rotate through the waves in the bay, and then drove back round to cross the bridge itself. The supports barely visible, let alone the water below. Michael kept expecting a kaiju to appear through the mist and tear the bridge down as we crossed. At the viewing point on the north side we couldn’t make out the bridge at all, but we got out of the car and took a picture in the general direction of the bridge anyway.

Twenty minutes further North and we were welcomed into our AirBnB for the night, a grand old weatherboard home with high ceilings and beautiful detailing. Then out for Thai with an old friend of Michael’s, exhausted from too much driving and the four poster bed is calling us.