Thursday, 15 December 2016

The Road Trip North - Day 14. Lincoln City OR to Seattle WA via a lighthouse and a bypass of Portland

I had agreed to let Michael wake me at 5am so we could get an early start. He woke me at 5, but I was only really conscious at 6. We were ready for breakfast at 7, but the door to the breakfast room was shut and there was no one on the reception in the hotel. Instead we loaded up the car and went back to the reception to find a woman already stressed as she rushed through the door explaining that she couldn’t remember if breakfast was at 7 or 7:30. We waited for the waffle pan to heat up and then cooked our breakfast and had some juice while we pondered how far we may get today.

Finally on our way north and to our first purchase of gas in Oregon, a state where you aren’t allowed to fill your car your self. Michael was grateful to stay in the warming car while the freezing attendant used the pump. We set the the directions on Michael’s phone to take us to Cape Meares; the costal road we had wanted to take was closed, so we took the 101 which had by now veered inland a little. Lots of lovely holiday towns, and then out of the car at Cape Meares to view the lighthouse and Three Arch Rock. It was so cold, with temperatures down to freezing but the wind made it feel much colder, almost as bad as Wyoming. We didn’t manage to walk around for too long before we were back in the car with the heat turned way up. We drove back through Tillamook and stopped for stamps and groceries. Up through the the Douglas Firs of the TiIlamook forest and then down to Portland before joining the I-5 and crossing into Washington to continue up towards Seattle. Its a day of mainly driving and I fail at my co-piloting duties by falling asleep despite Michael’s best efforts to keep me awake by pointing out various wildlife. That 5am wake up call really must have been too early.

Having missed Portland I realise that I really do want to see a little of Seattle, so we find an AirBnB just south of the city so we can to a bit of touring in the morning before crossing to Whidbey Island. We have a kitchen for a change, so we walk what we were told was the two blocks — which turns out to be four blocks — to Safeway to get some pasta and sauce to cook for dinner. Much confusion, when we get back, on how to get back in, as the combination key pad on the door will not let us back in, so we stand shivering on the doorstep and then panic that we may have dropped the room key back at Safeway. Just as we realise we’ve got the room key after all, the owner comes to our rescue and lets us back into the warmth. More planning, this time there is ferries to book and accommodation to arrange. Later to Michael’s delight we discover a little doggie also lives here, so Michael gets lots of attention from his new four-legged friend.