Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The Road Trip North - Day 20. West Vancouver, BC to Abbotsford, BC

Thankfully there is no new snow overnight, so Michael is dispatched to the car to bring in the rest of the things that we brought from Los Angeles; there is only a couple of bags and some odds and ends, but it has become somewhat disorganised, and as we will be returning to this house on the 28th we have decided to leave the stuff we don’t need over Christmas here. Instructions are received on how we feed the cats on our return, keys are issued, then it is back down the steep drive to depart.

Michael has arranged for us to meet some family friends at the Starbucks by the library, however there is more than one library and many Starbucks, so I end up putting the wrong one into Google. As we near the library Michael realises my mistake and we get redirected, only to find out that the friends we are meeting are at the other library after all. Once all are at the same location we enjoy the conversation and catch up, then it is on to Abbotsford where Michael spent his teenage years. Into the AirBnB at three, then a brief rest until Michael’s mum comes to pick us up for dinner with her brother and his wife.