Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Road Trip North Day 7 - Casper, WY to Evanston WY Via Rock Springs

It snowed overnight and our car was covered with an inch or so of the soft fluffy white stuff. It looked pretty but I was not pleased. As I started the car and Michael attempted to remove all the snow with an empty Trader Joe’s bag, I watched a group of children climbing aboard there school bus. A little bit of bad weather wasn’t going to stop their education today. We made our way across Casper to visit Michael’s Uncle again, his wife Caroline had offered to make biscuits and gravy for breakfast, and they had a welcoming fire going, making their homely house even more cosy. I was offered pink slippers to keep my feet warm and more stories were exchanged over the food. Some photos before we left, and then it was time to inch our way through snow covered Casper once more.

The road out of town was covered in packed snow for about 35 miles making for an anxious first part of the drive. Eventually the snow cleared and we were happily on dry black tarmac once more. Today’s scenery consisted of open plains, covered in a sprinkling of snow and low mountains in the distance, it was straight out of a cowboy film. We had no fixed plans for the day, except to get to lower and warmer ground before more snow fell. The drive along the I-80, when we reached it, was pretty uneventful and we made it all the way to Evanston, near the Utah border, well before dark. The Prairie Inn provided our home for the night and an opportunity to do laundry, across the parking lot to Jodie’s Diner where we shared an omelette, hash browns and a fry-bread scone. We slid across the ice back to our room, the icy air biting at our faces. Then plans were made for the days ahead.