Friday, 9 December 2016

The Road Trip North - Day 8. Evanston WY, to Salt Lake City via the snow storm that never was

A later start today; we were still eating bagels in the motel at 9AM, taking a long time deciding what to do today. It was really, really cold and we were pretty ill equipped for the the things we really wanted to do, and in the end we didn’t end up doing any of it. A heavy snow storm was forecast and we didn’t want to get stuck driving in it. Hotel options were very poor in Salt Lake City, — anything in our price range had really poor ratings — so we ended up paying a little more than we would have liked and took a room at a hotel out by the airport to wait out the storm. Only the storm never really came, and so after stocking up at the grocery store we had a chill afternoon and evening in a cosy room. Michael worked on a project to help import the videos and pictures we have been taking, and I took advantage of the fact that this was the first room we had had with a bath. Fully rested and refreshed we are more than ready to venture back out tomorrow.