Sunday, 1 January 2017

Day One of 2017 - Coulsdon, England.

By design or coincidence, for us, 2017 begins with a decent into Heathrow Airport, at around noon, on the first day of the year. I haven’t set foot on English soil, for 366 day, when I set of to join Michael in Los Angeles on 31st December 2015. Michael hasn’t been in England since the summer of 2014, when we both left to live in New Zealand. New Year, new start. The holiday is over for now.

We had such a great December on our road trip to Canada for Christmas, and I feel very lucky to have seen so many varied landscapes on our way. We enjoyed the freedom of getting into the car everyday, not knowing what we were going to experience, or what silly or thoughtful or downright ridiculous conversations we were going to have. I quickly realised that I don’t miss Los Angeles at all, confirming that we are on the right track even though we don’t know exactly where it is going to lead. It is also not entirely by coincidence that we ‘got out’ of America before Obama is replaced.

The flight from Vancouver to London Heathrow is fairly uneventful, despite the new year starting somewhere over Greenland, and when we arrive in London at lunch time on New Year’s Day we realise that we have been up for 24 hours, with no sleep to be had on the cramped plane seats. There is some apprehension at passport control, wondering if there will be any complications for Michael entering on his settlement visa, but thankfully it is a breeze.  We part to join different passport control queues; there is no delay for me at all, and Michael only waits a few moments before he is officially  stamped into the country.

We are feeling unsettled and the jet-lag doesn’t help. This re-location has been six months in the planning, but there is still some niggling feelings apprehension about to whether this is the right move for us. Our arrival also intensifies the sense that we have a lot to be doing and organising, and we have some anxiety that we should get to work immediately after our month long vacation. The reality is that we are running on no sleep, and that starting tomorrow will be soon enough. The list of things to do feels almost overwhelming, and we don’t know where the logical place is to start. Aside from the practical jobs such as bank accounts and setting up phones we need to find a boat to live on and plan our Nepal trip. And then there is the long term projects. The creative projects and learning that we have been saying we want to start as soon as we have time. Well now we have time so we feel this pressing need to start.

So the start of 2017 is also a huge shift in pace for us. We are temporarily staying in my parents’ home while we organise and plan and start these new projects. We are no longer seeing new things every day, but we are working on changing that soon.