Saturday, 25 February 2017

Back to Varanasi

Michael was board of me sleeping so at 8am he decided it was time I was awake, eventually tempting me outside with the promise of food.

We have been moving so fast that today needed to be more relaxed so after a terrible aloo paratha, half of which was fed to a baby goat on the way back to the hotel we took advantage of the hot water to get our laundry done.

At lunchtime we met up with a friend of Michael's called Sophie who he had met while travelling in India 4 years ago. She now lives here full time and so we had a nice time talking to her over some momo's and yet another bowl of dal.

We headed out again mid afternoon and I got to see a bit more of Bodhgaya, yet another side of India, this place is full of tourist and Buddhist pilgrims and so full of tourist restaurants (hence the bad breakfast) and tourist shops Andrew more  beggars. The streets are still dusty and full of rubbish as Bodhgaya has its fair share of dogs and cows and goats but there is much less traffic and much less pollution so it has a very different feel to it and it is quite a relief to be somewhere less hectic. We walk to the giant Buddha where there are tourists arriving by the bus load. And then head back in search of yet more food, that is enough touristing for us for today. More momos and more dal, with a little lone puppy for company under our table. I buy some biscuits on the way home but make the mistake of not putting them in my bag for the walk. A little girl comes running up to me and points at them, I open the packet and give her one and she takes it and runs off, her sister then appears hand open and hopeful so she gets the second. Michael takes the packet of four remains biscuits and hides them in his pocket to ensure we don't loose anymore.

Back in the room and it's still light but Michael is done and after reading for all of four minutes he is soon passed out asleep next to me.