Saturday, 11 February 2017

India is hard

Today India got the better of me. It was a number of things contributing to my short fuse. First I was stressed as we left half an hour late, not really a problem but the tourist part of me started panicking that we would miss something or that we would have to rush later in the day. This had me on edge from the get go. Other contributing factors included the endless number of puppies we saw in the streets in  Dwarka, today's destination, all dusty and just skin and bone, and the children working digging a trench in the street outside our comfortable hotel. The beggars, young and old, at every stop we made, some crippled and some just children, dusty and hungry and banging on the car windows as we drove off with the windows up and the air con on. In India the face of poverty is everywhere. In Porbandar we saw a cow and her calf eating from a bucket, I assumed someone had fed them, but when we took a closer look we saw the bucket was full of string and rubbish. Michael ended up buying 6 bananas to feed them and the fussy little calf made him peel them first. There were endless requests for photos again today, I re-instated my rule of saying yes to girls, women and children and no to men. Michael is nicer than me and so will have a selfie with everyone who asks. And then there was the man on the boat who took photos of us non-stop for 10 minutes without asking or even saying hello, he would just put the phone in selfie mode and take a picture of himself with us in the back ground. I mean, he didn't even try to hide what he was doing, the first couple of pictures didn't bother me but by the end of his little photo shoot I was really getting annoyed. Speaking of the boat, why did everyone packed onto this tiny vessel think it would be a good idea to spend the whole of the thirty minute journey across the harbour throwing nuts and puffed rice up into the air for the seagulls circling above to catch and to bring a rain of poo down on our heads. It's been a long, wonderful, infuriating day in India.

On the plus side we ate more delicious Indian food, took selfies with a huge group of children on a beach, visited the house where Ghandi was born, went to an endless number of temples, saw a giant Shiva statue, and I had a beautiful young Indian woman tell me I was beautiful. Michael introduced the same girl to the Star Walk app and then she shouted across a huge group of people to tell him she had found the moon, Michael made friends with a large number of cows and I even gave one a pat! Oh and I nearly fell off the bed laughing when Michael got undressed and found a huge cockroach in his pants.