Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Additional Crew Wanted...

In the last week we have visited three dog rehoming centres; The Dogs Trust in Shoreham, and Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in both Battersea and Old Windsor. We are looking for an additional crew member for our boat, and wanted to find out if we would be allowed to re-home one.

It turns out that yes, we can! However we are a little premature, as we need to be actually on the boat before we find a dog, as we don't want to bring one home to my parents' house, only to confuse it more by then moving it to a boat a few days or weeks later. The rehoming process can be pretty quick, and some people even take their dogs home the same day, so we should probably wait till we have been on the boat till we look, but it is just so tempting.

All the facilities we visited were great, and while it was a little sad to see the pups and cats in their enclosures, it was nice to see that so many of them had been reserved and were just waiting to go to their new homes.

We just need to find the right pup for our situation, one that can cope with life on the boat and all the distractions of the tow path and canal. One that is big enough to jump on and off the boat, but not too big that it won't fit inside the narrow vessel. We are open to any breed and any age of dog really, we just want to give a dog a good and happy home!