Sunday, 9 April 2017

Almost our boat...

We have signed the contracts and have decided to deliver them to the broker. Hand delivery isn't strictly necessary, but we are only half an hour away and really want to see the boat again. Also as we didn't meet the broker when we first viewed the boat, we thought that it would be nice to put a 'face to the name' and ask a few additional questions.

It is a glorious spring day. The weather has been unseasonably nice since we returned and I keep having to tell Michael that it won't always be this nice. Especially when we take possession of the boat and want to start cruising.

All the boats in the marina are glistening in the sun and it is so frustrating that she isn't ours yet.

After a quick chat with Chris, he lets us onto the boat and I am relieved to find that I love it just as much as I remembered. I open all the doors and cupboards, fling open the hatch and poke around in every corner. Michael makes his way along the gunnels and into the cratch to open the bow doors. This is nearly our new home, and we cannot wait.

No cruise for us today, so we settle for a walk along the canal. We attentively watch a short boat navigate a lock and mentally take notes on how to do it. It is such a beautiful day and there are so many people along the tow path, cyclists and dog walkers. This really is going to be a long three weeks.