Thursday, 6 April 2017

Offer In, Offer Accepted, Deposit Paid, Contract Signed.

Since our visit to Pyrford Marina two days ago we have decided that we really want the 57 foot Liverpool boat.  It may not be as straight forward as that though, as we had heard that there were other people interested, and so I had decided that in all likelihood she would be sold to someone else.

Not great news; by the time Michael got through to the broker -- when he returned from his days off -- an offer was already in. It was higher than we were planning to offer, and very close to the asking price. Our only options were to offer the asking price or walk away. I desperately didn't want to get into a prolonged bidding war, and wasn't looking forward to feeling anxious all day waiting to hear if we were accepted.

Michael made the call and made the offer and I braced myself for a long wait followed by disappointment.

I couldn't have been more wrong about the outcome, as a half hour later the offer was accepted, and by the end of the day the deposit was paid and the contracts in the post.

When Michael told me I burst into tears. I was obviously more stressed about finding our home than I realised. Then suddenly we didn't know what to do with ourselves, I no longer had to spend hours online searching through ads and planning routes, and we had our weekend back, no longer needing to do the rounds up north.

It didn't feel real, are we really going to get to start the next chapter so soon? The survey has been booked for the 18th, and with any luck we will be aboard by the end of the month. We just have to get through the next three weeks.