Saturday, 29 April 2017

The Biggest Purchase of Our Lives!

The completed survey came through as we were driving home from my family reunion in Birmingham. We had stopped off for a tunnel tour at the Dudley Canal Trust. It was pretty fascinating stuff, and well worth the stop. I had no idea of the role that canals had played in the mining industry in this area. Michael even got to try a bit of legging, which he reasoned would come in handy if we ever have a break down in a tunnel. As we drove round the M25 nearing home Michael checked his emails and suddenly announced that the completed survey had arrived. I immediately turned off the radio and held my breath as he read portions of the document out loud. No great shocks from what we were expecting. No shocks at all, in fact, just confirmation that she was a great little boat in fantastic condition. It was a relief to see it in black and white, and a bonus that he had valued her at a couple of thousand pounds over what we were paying for her. There were of course a few recommendations and lots of useful advice and information.

We then had to wait for four frustrating days for the broker to return from his holiday, and on the morning that he was back at work we were able to push forward for the next step of the purchase; the scary step of handing over a huge portion of our savings. We had been told by the bank that it would be possible to make the transfer over the phone, but half way into the process and after we had been on the phone for a good while we were told that we would have to go into branch after all. Nothing is straightforward; apparently, as I had changed my phone number in January, they were unable to use the new number to confirm the details. Into the car and a short drive to Banstead, where the transfer went through on the second attempt. Not quite time yet to celebrate, as the money has to be in the broker's client account for 24 hours before the previous owners can sign the contract, and the money can take up to 24 hours to go through anyway -- not to mention the fact that they are currently on a train in Italy and won't be able to sign until Sunday anyway. The earliest we can get the boat is Monday, and failing that it will be a week today, as we have our helmsmen training on Tuesday and Wednesday. Worse case scenario, this time next week we will be on our boat!