Friday, 13 October 2017

A Short hope hop from Honey Street to Pewsey

Today we leave Honey street, the sight of the incident, the crop circle obsessed pub and the 4 boats on the visitor moorings who have all overstayed the 24 hour limit.

A quick stop on the water point to top up, this also served to confuse George who can't understand why we have only moved a hundred meters or so. Still, he is just relieved to be on the towpath rather than trapped inside the boat.

We set of again and have 4 miles of cruising to get to Pewsey, no locks, no swing bridges just winding canal and fresh October air.

George is loving the walk and occasional swim. He finds a swamp like river and turns from being liver and white to black. Past Pewsey Wharf and the long term moorings we find there is plenty of space on the two day moorings.

It is a 20 minute walk to Pewsey where we make use of the post office and co-op. Michael also spots a bakery and George is treated to a (dog) cookie to a man on his way out. It's not the nicest of walks for a pooch on a lead, down narrow pavements next to roads with too fast cars but it is great to be off the boat to see what is beyond the banks of the canal. 

Back to the boat wheee we find NB Luke has moored up in front of us. A lovely chap who puts the world (CRT) to rights with Michael for half an hour or so.