Wednesday, 11 October 2017

I Want to Blog More!

I want to blog more, so here goes. 

Today we left Devizes. The moorings there are 72 hours and we had certainly taken advantage of the full three nights after arriving triumphantly on Sunday, having ascended the 29 locks of Caen hill. 

Devizes had been great. We had a morning of laundry, we met a lovely old guy that stopped to talk to us (well he stopped to talk to George more than us) and gave us some good advice on training and how to fatten the pooch up. George is still looking incredibly ribby despite the fact that we have already increased his food twice. We took a walk back to Caen Hill so that Michael could see it from a new perspective, having only previously experienced it from inside the locks and pounds. We caught up on some chores and some work, then snuggled up and watched Logan, and Michael took a trip to the Devizes Cinema to watch the Kingsman film; unsurprisingly he said it wasn’t as good as the first one. We took advantage of being in a town and had croissants from the bakery every morning. 

On our third morning it was time to move on. We have used up our data allowance for the month, so I took a walk into town to try and find some free wifi to upload our latest vlog. I found wifi, but the app said the video would take two hours to upload, so I gave up and took one last trip to the bakery before heading back to the boat. On this section of the canal there are no locks, and only two swing bridges before Honey Street, so I wrapped up in Michael's warm coat and then after pushing off from the mooring the three of us settled on the back of the boat for the cruise. The owner of NB Luke shouted hello as we went past the wharf; we had previously admired his smart blue roof boxes when we first saw him back in Woolhampton. Apparently now he is a viewer of our videos, and he cheerily informed us that he only watches for George. Doesn’t everyone?

George has mixed feelings about cruising. He is happy sitting in the well deck watching the the world float by, and he is reasonably happy on the back of the boat looking for ducks and moor hens nesting in the reeds. He is most happy bounding along the towpath alongside the boat, chasing a ball, hunting for ducks and having the occasional swim. What he is not happy about is being left inside the boat on his own whilst the boat is moving and ascending or descending locks. This hasn’t happened often, in fact it has only happened going up and down the Caen Hill flight, but this has been enough for George to become very stubborn about getting on the boat when he thinks it is about to move. 

At the first swing bridge we met the ABC boat Mottled Weaver again. The first time we saw them, Michael had misread the name as Mottled Weiner when we encountered them on our walk down Caen Hill from our mooring at Devizes. Just two crew aboard and they were having all sorts of problems with the wind and current spinning them below lock 49. They refused our help and carried on loudly swearing at the wind and the boat and the currents. Today they were having better luck, but still could not raise a smile or a hello. At the second swing bridge George and I got off, George was very suspicious at first and didn't want to go inside, but once on the bow his tail started wagging as he realised he was going to get to play on the tow path. After we let Perseverance through and closed the bridge we walked ahead to find the visitor moorings at All Cannings completely full. It is only a half hour walk to Honey Street, so we push on, George loving life on the tow path and Michael suffering at the tiller as I disembarked with his coat, the cold not helping his back pain.

Unsurprisingly the 24 hour visitor moorings at Honey Street were also full, so we found a spot on the approach where we we previously met the three-legged cat. No cat to play with today, but some friendly neighbours to chat to and some pleasant hours spent in The Barge Inn using their wifi to finally upload my overdue vlog.