Saturday, 21 December 2019

247 - Narrowboating the Entire the Manchester Ship Canal with Cruising t...

In today's vlog we travel the entire length of the Manchester Ship Canal. We start the Journey in Ellesmere Port and finish in the Salford Quays in Manchester. It takes all day, we leave at about 8.30am and don't get to our mooring until late in the afternoon and we have 4 massive locks to ascend. We travel past Frodsham and the junctions with the River Weaver as well as trough Runcorn and the old junction with the Bridgewater Canal. We also have David and Lorna aboard from the YouTube Channels Cruising The Cut and London Boat Girl, we highly recommend you take a look of their vlogs of the same day.

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

246 - Taking our Narrowboat Across The River Mersey with Cruising the Cu...

Todays cruise is a big one. We are take our Narrowboat, which usually stays on quiet and calm canals. Out on the the Mighty, Tidal River Mersey. We cross from The Liverpool Docks to Ellesmere Port and it's a bit of an adventure.
Not many Narrowboats venture onto the Mersey. Our pilot had only taken 4 this year and there is a reason for that, as well as being quite a scary prospect there are a lot of logistics and planning to do and then you need to make sure you hare the right weather on the day. Michael arranged everything and we had a really wonderful trip

Friday, 13 December 2019

245 - An Eventful Narrowboat Trip to the Historic Docks in Liverpool

In today's vlog we head down the Leeds & Liverpool Canal and through the Liverpool link to the City of Liverpool. We encounter a swing bridge that is out of order, we get a fouled prop and our surveyor cancels our appointment. Despite all that we make it to the top of the Stanley Lock Flight and thoroughly enjoy our trip through Liverpools Historic docks where we need to spend a couple of days going through the final preparations for our trip across River Mersey.

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

244 - Always Onwards to The Next Narrowboat Adventure

Its the day after our Ribble Link River Rescue and we are exhausted but we need to be in Liverpool in two days time as we will hopefully be heading out onto the River Mersey for our next narrowboat adventure. So, we have a very long day of cruising. 16 hours, 7 locks and 10 SWING BRIDGES. Thats a lot of swing bridges. It won't go down as one of favourite cruises but we still managed to have a great day. _

Monday, 9 December 2019

243 - The River Rescue - Part 2

Here is Part Two of our River Rescue on the Ribble Link. If you haven't seen part one yet we have put a link below. In part one we were crossing the River Ribble to take us from the Lancaster Canal to the Leeds and Liverpool canal when one of the boats behind us lost power. In todays vlog, find out what happened when we turned our boat around them to help them out and ended up towing them all the way back to Tarleton. Not the crossing we had in mind. But, we hope that if we had been in trouble, someone would have helped us out.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

242 - Narrowboat Breakdown on the Ribble Link!

In todays vlog it is finally time to leave the Lancaster Canal and head south on the Ribble Link It's not all smooth sailing as one of the boats we are traveling breaks down and we turn back to help them out.