Sunday, 23 February 2020

257 - We Made Some Mistakes

Today's vlog tells the story of the second to last day of our ten day push to get past a scheduled winter stoppage in Castleford. It's a long day and it's a hard day. Probably the hardest day we've even had cruising. And for that reason there isn't an awful lot of footage. We wanted to tell the story of the day so we have had to use quite a bit of time-lapse to compensate which wasn't ideal.
Please don't be too hard on us for the mistakes we made along the way. It wasn't our choice to be pushing so hard but we really felt we needed to be on the other side of of Castleford for winter. Just one more vlog to go before we really slow down for winter.
Its a long one, so congratulations to everyone that makes it to the end.