Wednesday, 20 May 2020

278 - The Best Lockdown Mooring

This vlog was filmed on 15th April and we are three and a half weeks into lockdown.

We moved to boat from our mooring in Retford to the water point above Charlies Lock. We were planning to moor there but the visitor moorings were full so we end up staying on the lock landing for the night. Half way back to our original lockdown mooring in Retford we find a wonderfully isolated mooring by the woods and decide to stay there until we need to stock up on food again.

We hope everyone is doing ok.

Sunday, 17 May 2020

277 - The Ups & Downs of Lockdown on a Narrowboat

Todays vlog was filmed on 14th April 2020. We are three weeks into lockdown and need to move the boat up 5 locks to fill our water tank. We know we are very lucky to be spending lockdown on our Narrowboat but we are still finding it hard. And while Retford is the perfect place in many ways we encounter some trouble from some annoying kids who should have been at home. We hope everyone is doing ok. Thanks for watching and thank you for all the support

Friday, 15 May 2020

276 - The Worst Welcome to Retford and the Start of Lockdown

This video was filemd on 23rd March 2020, the day that lockdown was announced in the UK.

In this vlog we travel from Clarborough to the town of Retford on the Chesterfileld Canal. Its a lovely canal and a great cruise but unfortunately we didn't choose the best mooring spot when we first arrived and we had a little trouble. Luckily after that everything was great.

Sunday, 3 May 2020

273 - A Huge Change of Plans

This video was filmed on 17th March, 6 days before lockdown was announced in the UK.
On this day we were supposed to be in Canada visiting family, but like so many people we had to change our plans. We returned to our Narrowboat home and cruised west along the Chesterfield Canal from West Stockwith to Drakeholes.

We hope everyone is keeping safe.